The Brief:
To raise awareness of Our Future Health to as many different types of people as possible by utilising a wide range of digital and out-of-home channels.

The Solution
We invited the UK to “be part of the answer”, creating messaging sympathetic to the perspectives, motivations and pain points of those demographics ordinarily unwilling to participate.
Geographically targeted campaigns were rolled out leveraging carefully tailored messaging specific to the motivations and health concerns found to be of most concern to each location.
These were activated across numerous digital and out of home channels including geo-targeted social media, digital and print posters, and public transport to reach the broadest possible range of audiences.
The Results
360,000 + volunteers in the first 6 months alone
77.5 million impressions across Meta and Youtube
10.6 million reach on Meta
10.1 million engagements on YouTube

Completed while working at AgencyUK
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