The Objective

Cerba Research transforms clinical research to deliver the promise of precision and predictive medicine to help people live healthier lives.
They came to AgencyUK to help gain brand awareness through a campaign that promotes 'Collective Focus'. To get this message out into the world we suggested creating a brand awareness video that sums up what Cerba Research do.
We also suggested updating their brand guidelines to make the campaign stand out against competitors.
The Solution
The Cerba Research logo uses dots to form the icon so by using the Trapcode effect on After Effects I created animations that split up images and footage into dots, to then bring them back together and form a different picture - the main idea being that Cerba Research has all these different elements working together to form one full picture.

This shows the 'Collective focus' message clearly and is a great, recognisable visual toolkit for the whole campaign. By updating the brand guidelines we also made the campaign look more mature and trustworthy in comparison to the washed-out visuals that they previously used. By using bold animation, deeper colours and a recognisable brand toolkit, the campaign can attract attention and successfully display Cerba Research's brand purpose.​​​​​​​
Part of this project was to help improve relations within the workplace so we created an employee brand values pack of cards that included tasks on the cards to help remind them of the Cerba Research values. I created illustrations for the cards that tied into what the employees do and worked with the strategy team at AUK to write the tasks for the cards.
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